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7.50 inches / 19 cm
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12 inches / 31 cm
Kamerdalseberg 5
3825 CM Amersfoort
The Netherlands

Outlet wooden shoes

In this webshop you can buy several different wearable wooden shoes. We have a regular webshop called, but of some shoes we don't have all sizes anymore. That's why we opened On this website you can buy the last pair of wooden shoes of some colors.

All prices on this website are in US dollars, includes taxes, excl. shipping costs.
Shipping costs are based on the weight of the package. If you order more products shipping costs are combined. The shipping costs of one pair of wooden shoes is USD 32.80.

Priority shipping US: 10 - 12 business days to the US and Canada.

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Production proces wooden shoes

Wooden shoes are made from poplar wood, which contains virtually no knots etc. The quality of the clogs is therefore excellent, which results in a long service life. After the tree is cut, the wood blocks are processed in various stages into a clog.

In the last fase of the proces the shoes are hand-painted in the desired color. This is followed by the making the print on the wooden shoe, such as a windmill, farm or something else. There a lot of different prints.

The wooden shoe has a long history, certainly in the Netherlands. We can safely say that the Netherlands is built using wooden shoes. The Dutch language has therefore many proverbs and sayings about the wooden shoe.

That the shoe really have long worn proves an excavation in 1979 on the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. They found a wooden shoe from 1230. The model is almost not changed since that time.


Previously, clogs were completely handmade. A good clogmaker made then about 7 pairs of shoes a day. But today most clogs are made by machines, as the handmade proces takes too long.

Since when are clogs?

It's hard to tell when the first people walked on wooden shoes in the Netherlands. The're a few pairs found and the oldest one is from 1230. Due to the fact that they made from wood they easily decay in the ground and another reason is that they used wooden shoes as fuel for the fire at home.

The oldest wooden shoe comes from the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam. They found a shoe that was built in 1230. So we can state with certainty that the clogs in its current form 800 years worn. Probably the clog is much older and perhaps there will be ever new discoveries to prove it.

Clogs be made of different types of wood and are available in multiple types.

Wearing wooden shoes

A lot of people in the world thinks that citizens of the Netherlands wears clogs and lives in windmills. In the past a lot of people wears wooden shoes, but nowadays not many people are wearing wooden shoes in the Netherlands. Most people that wears wooden shoes are farmers on the land. This is because the shoes keeps warm in the winters and cool in the summers. And another reason is that the give protection to the feet.